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Honolulu International Center - 1967 Honolulu International Center - 1967

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Veterans Day 2014: Flower lei were left in remembrance for our Veterans. We didn't realize at the time, but this was the first documented case of any remembrance at the Blaisdell Center War Memorial since it was dedicated in 1964.Veterans Day 2014 BMP

How has Blaisdell Center changed in 50 years? Compare these two shots of the pond by the Exhibition Hall: 1964 above and 2014 below. Note the walls in 1964, or lack thereof. The Hall was originally built as a pavilion, but the wind and rain blew through the building so hard, it eventually had to be enclosed.Blaisdell Exhibition Hall fishponds 1964Blaisdell Exhibition Hall 2014 BMP - Copy

Plans for the USS Enterprise? No, an earlier version of the Blaisdell in 1961, sans Concert Hall. 

Courtesy Municipal Reference Center Courtesy Municipal Reference Center

Blaisdell Arena’s elder sister - the Las Vegas Convention Center. The flying saucer look was definitely in back in the early 60's. Designed by the same architect, Adrian Wilson, it was demolished in 1990.Las Vegas Convention Center1961

First Director of Auditoriums Bryon Trimble in June 1963. Recognize what’s behind him?Byron Trimble June 1963We can't forget the Elvis connection: Here Elvis is receiving an award from then Director of Auditoriums Matthew "Matt" Esposito regarding the Aloha from Hawaii concert in 1973.  Members of Esposito's family joined in on the Facebook conversation!1973_january_13 1

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