Media referencing the Neal S. Blaisdell Center War Memorial
Replacement war memorial plaque at Blaisdell Center
Replacement war memorial plaque at Blaisdell Center

Neal S. Blaisdell Center Rededicated as War Memorial  February 5, 2015  The Hawai'i Herald

Year's best stories, people receive columnists awards  January 8, 2016 Honolulu Star Advertiser20160128_151534 croppedBlaisdell Center Now a War Memorial December, 2015 Military Intelligence Service Veterans Club Newsletter Vol. 22, No. 4

Memorial plaque back at Blaisdell November 18, 2015 Letter to the Editor, Honolulu Star Advertiser

Honolulu City and County, U.S. Military rededicate site as war memorial  November 11, 2016  DVIDS

Rededication of the Neal Blaisdell Center: Tanya Harrison  November 10, 2015 The Conversation, Hawaii Public Radio

With rededication, Blaisdell will be war memorial again  October 30, 2015  Honolulu Star Advertiser2015-10-30 Cataluna article

Memorial status October 10, 2015  Honolulu Star Advertiser2015-10-23 Bob SigallUncertain Future for the Neal Blaisdell Center August 20, 2015 Docomomo US/Hawaii

Disappeared News: Blaisdell Center is a War Memorial  July 4, 2015 Disappeared News 

Group wants to revitalize Blaisdell Center as war memorial  May 29, 2015 Hawaii News Now (aired May 25, 2015; video not available)

Blaisdell is a war shrine, advocate reminds city  May 18, 2015 Honolulu Star Advertiser20151013_195547


Blaisdell Memorial Project and Rededication: Tanya Harrison  May 25, 2015  The Conversation Hawaii Public Radio

Curt Sanburn: Kirk Caldwell’s Designs on the Blaisdell Center. Honolulu's mayor is reimagining the old place 50 years after it opened as a war memorial March 31, 2015 Civil Beat

Blaisdell Center is a War Memorial  February 23, 2015  Letter to Editor, Honolulu Star Advertiser2015-02-23 LTE Blaisdell Center is a war memorial

Blaisdell Center Marks 50 Years September 12, 2014 Letter to Editor, Honolulu Star Advertiser20151013_212310

Search for Lost Blaisdell Memorial Military Intelligence Service Veterans Club of Hawaii Newsletter, September 2014, page 2

War Memorial Plaque-Neal S. Blaisdell Center 100th Infantry Battalion Veterans Club, April 2014, Puka Puka Parade, Page 2

Readers’ assistance sought on Blaisdell, H-1 queries  March 14, 2014 Bob Sigall, Rearview Mirror Honolulu Star Advertiser

442nd Veterans Club Bulletin, January- March edition, 20142014 Jan-March Go For Broke Bulletin - Copy

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Returning Honor to Hawaii's Forgotten War Memorial