Blaisdell Center’s memorial heritage is almost completely lost to history. The story of how this prominent public facility was dedicated and forgotten as a War Memorial is very complicated and research is still in progress.

It should be noted that no agency or organization was aware of this history before formal contact was initiated in 2013. It appears this knowledge was lost long ago.

We are in need of assistance with the following:

Oral History Collection

Since this research commenced in 2010, several people who knew of this history or witnessed the memorial dedication have passed on. We need to find those who remember before it’s too late. Currently we’ve found only one individual who recalls that Blaisdell Center is a War Memorial.

The Memorial Plaque

This bronze plaque was attached to a boulder in the vicinity of the current Blaisdell Center Box Office. We believe it disappeared by 1970, possibly a result of 60’s anti-war related vandalism. There is no known photo or diagram, so the text may be different than reported.

It is important to locate this plaque because there are few physical reminders of the memorial dedication. The area where this occurred has been greatly altered, with Blaisdell Arena as the only thing left in the vicinity of the dedication that’s relatively unchanged.

Returning Honor to Hawaii's Forgotten War Memorial